Project Management Software Project Insight chosen by ZaneRay

Project Insight, a online project management software provider, announces they have been chosen by the ZaneRay Group. They are a full service design and Information Services (IS) consulting group specializing in internet solutions. ZaneRay’s clients are outdoor and recreation focused, with names like Patagonia and Nixon watches.

The ZaneRay Group is growing at a rapid pace and found that they needed a centralized solution that integrated all tools in one place to manage their projects. They wanted to streamline business and project management processes to improve efficiency and allow team members to focus more on the needs of the client. Some requirements included:

  • Centralized project management system
  • Standardized processes and project templates
  • General overview of all projects within the portfolio
  • Improved time tracking and billing efficiency

A consultant was hired to evaluate the complete market of project management solutions; he examined 120 project solutions. The list was narrowed down to five products and in the end, Project Insight earned the business. When ZaneRay made its selection, they did so taking into account short and long term needs as well as affordability. In the short term, they needed the benefits of Project Insight’s:

  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility with MACs and PCs
  • Centralized project management
  • Project templates
  • Document sharing
  • Version control of documents
  • Time tracking
  • Reports
  • Permissions

Long term, they plan to collaborate with clients, using the security and permissions to allow customers to see just their projects and documents.

The ZaneRay team adopted Project Insight’s software readily. The team used the consultant to lead a self-guided implementation. In combination with the recorded videos provided to customers in the Project Insight Community, the team was able to succeed without any formal training from the Project Insight team. ZaneRay utilizes the portfolio and project reports daily. The team has tailored the out of the box reports to be more granular. The project managers use the reports on a daily basis to keep track of different client projects. Other heavily used features include the document repository to collaborate, time entry, the ability to export to Excel and the to-dos and alerts to track small requests.

Source: Broadcast Newsroom