PPM Jaarcongres 20 mei 2015 – Glazen Ruimte Maarssen

Excellence in agility, the new business case for PPM

Project Portfolio Management

For over 10 years the Dutch Project Portfolio Management Congress is the annual highlight for ambitious PPM-professionals. Every edition focuses on the next challenges and latest lessons learned. The program offers a combination of inspiring keynotes and interesting best practices and attracts participants from the Netherlands and abroad. Eleven years ago, in 2004, the first edition focused on PPM as a ‘missing link’ between strategy and projects. But does that still apllies nowadays? Is PPM a solution for organizational formats that will slowly disappear? Or is it an effective instrument to initiate and guide necessary change?

What about the context in which the project portfolios of the future have to operate? What will be the leading organizational structures and business models of the near future? Is the future one of specialization and excel in something unique or do we also see organizations with a wide range of products and services? Organizations have to open up and operate more beyond their boundaries. Cooperate together with clients, suppliers and stakeholders towards (sustainable) solutions. Agility will be a crucial competence for the leading organizations of the future.

What does this mean for the project portfolio manager? Will he or she become a business manager? Or a facilitator for the PPM-process? What added value is expected from PPM and how can PPM deliver that?

Or: what is the new business case for PPM?

PPM Conference | Wednesday May 20th, 2015 | De Glazen Ruimte – Maarssen, The Netherlands.